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The Roundhouse Railroad Museum of Savannah Georgia

The Coastal Heritage Society is doing an outstanding job in restoring this complex. They plan to restore all the buildings and reuse them as museums to railroading, history, the arts and sciences. A train is planned to run from the Roundhouse to the nearby visitor center, which is a restored civil war era train shed and passenger station of which I will post photos of in the future. I am told this is the largest existing original rail complex of this kind in the nation, and a real historical treasure for train fans, and everyone else. This is truly "The Steamtown Of The South", and an attraction that people interested in railroading and history will want to visit and support. The roundhouse is open daily until 5 pm and admission is $4.00 each.

Another site of great interest, belongs to  the The Central of Georgia Railway Historical Society. Lots of Central of Georgia information, and the publisher of the quarterly magazine THE RIGHT WAY.

More to Come!  I took over 500 photos during the 2 day period in which I visited the Roundhouse at Savannah!