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Rich Dunlap #1 - 36 Panel Layout

This is a picture of our 36 panel set in Abilene. Gene and I started with 25 panels, with a simple inside and outside loop of track. We then went to 30 panels with a couple of switches on the inside track. Wanting to eliminate the switching, we went to the 36 panels with no switches and a crossover. This is as big as we intend to go. We put lights in the hole post in the center of the spots where the buildings are located. Our panels are not "excellent" as to condition, (some chips, cracks, replacement track, etc.), so we have not ruined any panels of collector value. As you can see, we took the liberty to use additional "non-All Aboard" items on the layout, such as Marx floodlight towers, plasticville buildings, and 1/64 metal cars.